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Incest Big Bang

The Big Bang for incest

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Created on 2012-12-30 14:57:47 (#1866712), last updated 2013-09-03 (215 weeks ago)

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Name:Incest Big Bang
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A Big Bang fanfic/art challenge focusing on fictional incest.
Sign-Ups (Writers): CLOSED.
Writer Check In #1: 12th May, 2013
Sign-Ups (Artists): OPEN FOR PINCH HITS.
Artist Check In #1: 3rd June, 2013
Rough Drafts Due: 26th June, 2013
Claims Days: 2nd July, 2013 - 6th July, 2013
Artist Reveals: 7th July, 2013
Writer AND Artist Check In #2: 22nd July, 2013
Final Drafts Due: 13th August, 2013
Posting Sign Ups: 14th August, 2013 - 16th August, 2013
Posting Begins: 17th August, 2013

The mod would also like to remind you that [community profile] betaplease is a service that connects writers with betas for their work! Since beta'd work is mandatory for this challenge, it's a useful resource!
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